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Delivering impactful digital experiences is key to driving growth and customer loyalty. With budgets shrinking, showing a return on technology investments has to be fast. At the same time, the technology used has to be flexible and scalable in order to keep pace with ever-evolving customer demands.  

Focusing on accelerating a project’s delivery - with the strength of an enterprise-class technology partner - drives value quickly and will help companies achieve business objectives. Market leaders realize that value can be measured throughout the project life cycle: how interoperable is the system, can it integrate easily within current infrastructures, does it require more or less resources to manage than previous solutions, how fast does it accelerate the delivery of content across channels, etc.  For additional information on this article please download to continue reading.  

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Empowered with cutting-edge analytics, telecoms use MicroStrategy 10 in a myriad of ways to run a more datadriven business. To overcome massive infrastructure costs, it’s vital that frms take every opportunity to leverage advantages from this technology. With the ability to view real-time metrics on network operations, services, and capacity, companies can optimize their user experiences to avoid service interruptions, identify fraudulent activity, and reduce customer turnover.  Continue reading to learn more!

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Business intelligence (BI) vendors first shipped BI tools in the early 1990s.  At the time, the tools were purpose-built to support a single mode of BI, such as production reporting, ad hoc query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), and dashboards.  In the 2000s, vendors built or bought purpose-built BI tools and packaged them into BI suites.  The tools still featured mostly distinct graphical interfaces and engines, but at least customers could now get every BI tool from a single vendor.  

Fast-forward to today:  BI vendors are shipping so-called "modern analytics platforms".  These are open, extensible analytical environments that support all modes of BI and run on a single, integrated, metadata-driven architecture.  Some vendors, such as MicroStrategy - the sponsor of this report- have always offered integrated BI environments; most have now updated self-service, data preparation, and other modern features.  Continue reading to learn more about the rise of modern analytics platforms.