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VIDEO: How Content Management Is Evolving into Digital Orchestration

Authentic CLO David Roe explains how new trends in content management are weaving together direct-digital experience and traditional content marketing in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>


3 Reasons Why Language Technology Should Be Your Globalization 'Cobot'

As it is now powered by AI, language technology mimics the human ability to understand, reason and learn from cross-media content as well as to make customer-centric and data-driven decisions accordingly.Read More >>

Assembling a Winning WCM Project Team

WCM projects are hard. Selecting the right technology, migrating content, software customizations, and business change are inherently complex activities. In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of web CMS projects requires strong teamwork and excellent cross-departmental communication skills.Read More >>

VIDEO: How to Accelerate Connected Thinking Through Personalization

ConnectiveDX Chief Strategy Officer Jeff Cram discusses three models for organizing around personalization in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>

AI and the Connected World: How Soon Will Content Create Itself?

In Part I of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content creation and how global marketers can prepare for a future where content creates itself, and prevent content "parking lots" or mountains where material may become obsolete or overlooked. Read More >>

Philo: Growing Influence With BEN

Philo launched its national streaming service in November 2017. Like any new company, growth is a big challenge. Getting the word out and converting potential customers into subscribers are especially important for this subscription-based OTT service. Philo knew influencers were going to be a big factor in acquiring new users, but as an analytics-focused company, it wanted to be sure it was getting the best bang for its buck. How could Philo be sure it was targeting the right influencers?Read More >>

An Interview with Cameron Caswell, Senior Manager of Content and Brand, Synopsys

In her role as senior manager of content and brand at Synopsys, a leader in software security and quality solutions, Cameron Caswell oversees a team of writers, editors, designers, and data analysts to create both online and offline content marketing assets.Read More >>

VIDEO: The New CMO Imperative

Authentic CLO David Roe discusses how to optimize experiences and improve engagement in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.Read More >>

Behavioral Ad Targeting Isn’t the Problem—It’s the Format

Given the mounting costs of investing in data stack technology, reputation issues, and regulatory concerns that publishers routinely face as a result of behavioral ad-targeting, iis cookie-based ad-targeting worth it? Read More >>

Opportunities for Content Creators to Leverage Virtual Assistants

Today's virtual assistant (VA) technology—think Alexa or Siri—has the power to do some pretty amazing things. What may be even more amazing is how few people are actually using VAs to do amazing things that can help them expedite work processes, save time, and produce more.Read More >>

VIDEO: The Case for Human Data Curation

Infoloom CLO Michael Biezunski discusses computer vs. human error tolerance in this clip from his presentation at Data Summit 2019.Read More >>
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